Motorcycle Club Patches Meanings

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The patches worn by members of motorcycle clubs and gangs are loaded with significance and importance. Although many outlaw clubs are considered as criminal gangs and felonious by legal authorities and counsels, yet motorcycle clubs doesn’t fall under this category and they are quite diverse from them. The motorcycle club generally comprises of families, veterans, police officers, fire fighters and many more.

When kids seek the permission of their parents to join the motorcycle gang, most parents often think that it is not a great idea and most probably disapprove them regarding them as gangsters. Although many bike gangs are involved in law breaking activities, yet you cannot classify everyone the same way. These people are someone like other professions. These members wear motorcycle club patches which typically represent the type of club they belong to.

All you need to know about motorcycle gangs

When you think about the motorcycle gangs, you often get images of people wearing leather jackets, vests, long hair and beards. Leather has been preferred for a long time because of its scratch resistance and its ability to slide on asphalt. This is one of the reasons, why riders wear it but it has provides a cool look as well.  But what are motorcycle clubs?

Motorcycle clubs includes small groups of community that have a symbol or logo in their jackets.The patches basically talks about the top rockers or stating the name of the club or claiming the territory. Becoming a motorcycle club member is not as easy as sewing a patch on your back. There are various rules for wearing biker patches. Be aware about the rules and regulations that indicates about the disciplines and policies of the club. Reading the instructions properly obviously shows your respect about the club.

Batches are of generally one, two and three respectively. One piece patch signifies riding club, family club or social motor club. They are common patches used even by ordinary people and doesn’t require any membership. However, this is not the case with two piece or three piece patches. They have different meanings. As a matter of fact, when you want to be safe enough, try not to infringe the patches.

When it comes to three piece motorcycle club patches, the top rocker usually bears the club name, the bottom rocker shows the full name of the territory the club belongs to and the center piece is the major one bearing the club name you belong to.

Rules for wearing motorcycle club patches

Are there any policies and regulations for wearing motorcycle cub patches? Will you get punished or offended for wearing a Solo wolf patch on my leather coat? These are some of the few questions often been asked in the past while selling patches on the road or online. It all depends on what kind of logo are you wearing?  If you are trying to pretend as part of a club and wear the logo without being the club member, obviously you are going to get kicked at your back. Similarly when you have plans to start a new club, be careful with the other existing clubs because you are using the same kind of symbol, it means that you are disrespecting the club signs with your patches. Although you don’t need permission to wear club patches, certain disciplines shows that you have respect for the club.

Let us see some of the common rules of wearing motorcycle club patches

If it is a patch that you are designing and making, then probably you can fix your own rules. However, if the patch is a part of a club, they have the authority to decide the rules.

  • When you are representing a club, obviously you will be taught about the meaning and display of the biker patches you are going to wear in your jacket. When you are a member of MC association you can wear center patches in addition to top and bottom rockers. However, when you are not a member of the MC club, avoid wearing center patches in your rockers. Most importantly, never wear a MC cube because it is not recommended for the non-members of the motorcycle club to wear MC cube. Apparently when you wear against their policy, it indicates that you are disrespecting the symbol and declaring a war against them.
  • Basically the bottom rocker indicates the name of the territory according to Motorcycle club. So when a non-member of the MC wears, it represents that you are claiming the control of the territory. Therefore when you are not a member of the club, don’t wear the bottom rockers showing the full name of the state
  • One of the most important rule you need to know is not to touch any part of any vest with a 3 piece which is the top and bottom rockers with a center patch. However, accidently when you happened to touch them, immediately convey your apologies. This is because, when the person is part of the MC and since he is allowed to wear the 3 piece, when some intruder tries to remove from them, they turn into a real hell and burst out badly. So, it is important to avoid such commotions and chaos situations.
  • If the club patches, for instance Hells Angels are stolen they will indeed fight for it, or the person who had stolen the logo will be thrown out of the club. When you have the patch, it indicates that you belong to the club. It is often considered that you don’t deserve to be there, when you do not fight for your rights.

To Sum it up

Motorcycle gangs are typically famous for roadside chaos and unruliness. If ever, you are caught in such situation either by mistake or intentionally, instead of panicking follow certain rules such as, be on the bartender’s good side, learn to read the patches, recognize who is in charge and few others to emerge alive.

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